We build a range of products here at reclaimed designs. From the simplest planters, to patio suites and everything in between that. We have two different routes prospective clients can choose.


Set designs 


The set designs can been seen in our gallery. These a products we have made before with a select set of measurements and design. These are east to select and place a fast order ensuring you get exactly what you want seen beforehand. There is also however the ability to select your finish as well and a few minor tweaks to the design. depending on the tweaks and finish you request there might a slight variation in the prices laid out as a guide.


Custom designs


This is the real magic of Reclaimed Designs as it allows you to build what ever your and our imagination can conceive. This allows you and us to get our creative juices flowing and build something completely unique to your needs and wants. Maybe it is the kitchen island you have always wanted yet can’t ever seem to find. ¬†To the bed custom fitted and made to your needs. Our custom designs allow for you to build something completely unique to you and the pure one off status that comes with it.

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